Terms of Use

How do I buy a warranty?

Select your car’s make from the list as well as the dealership you prefer to contact in case of a warranty event.

Enter the details of the car to be insured. The warranty can only be purchased for a car with a valid manufacturer’s warranty. If the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, the vehicle must be inspected by our partner.

We will provide you a quote, and you can choose the warranty period that suits you best. The warranty conditions are summarised in the information file. The service is explicitly regulated by Vehicle Warranty Insurance Terms and Conditions.

We need your contact details to conclude a warranty agreement. When processing personal data, we follow our privacy policy.

How can I pay for the warranty?

You can pay for the warranty via bank link or with a credit/debit card. To make the payment, you will be redirected to the web page of the payment service provider EveryPay AS.

After the payment is made, please return to our page and download the warranty certificate. The certificate confirms that you have concluded a warranty agreement. Please check that all data is correct.

How can I terminate the warranty?

To terminate the agreement, you must submit an application to the insurer to info@extendo.ee. The warranty agreement can usually be terminated prematurely by mutual agreement between the policy holder and the insurer.

What if I still have some questions?

If you have any questions or need any expert advice, call us at (+372) 600 3314 during our business hours or please send your question to info@extendo.ee.

Wishing you a pleasant experience!