Extend your factory warranty

from 390€/year

Why extend your manufacturer warranty?

Protection against unforeseen costs — In the event of an unexpected vehicle breakdown, you do not have to spend a lot of money, because in case of warranty cases we do it for you.
Unlimited number of free repairs — We will pay for diagnostics, labour and spare parts under warranty coverage. Your vehicle will be repaired professionally and returned to you in good working order.
Added Value When Selling Your Vehicle — A valid warranty is a proof of a well-maintained vehicle and is a good selling point. The warranty is for the vehicle and will transfer together with it to a new owner.
Free Roadside Assistance included — Roadside Assistance provides help on the road, including towing, in cases when it is not possible continue driving. The reasons may be technical failure, traffic accident, punctured tyre, etc.
Valid across Europe

months or up to 150,000 km

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